Top Hair Loss Myths & Truths

Top Hair Loss Myths & Truths

Did you recently lose some of your hair after taking a shower? You may be worried that you are dealing with the effects of hair loss. What if you are experiencing the signs of aging? What if you have an unknown condition? It’s easy to let that worry turn into paranoia when you can’t distinguish between the top hair loss myths & truths. At Denver Hair Surgery, we find it crucial for our patients to be well informed about the hair loss process as well as the most viable treatments for a future of healthy hair.

Top Hair Loss Myths & Truths

Take a look at the biggest myths and true facts about hair loss to better understand where you and your hair are in the process of losing your hair. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our professional hair replacement specialists to get quick, affordable, and fast-healing treatment.

Hair Loss Can’t Be Reversed: Myth

A lot of people think that once their hair starts to fall out, it will never stop. While the cause of your hair loss may not be reversible (such as aging or genetic male pattern baldness), actual hair loss can be stopped with the right treatment. Some hair loss conditions are temporary and can be related to undue stress or an increase in hormones after major bodily changes. Some hair loss patterns are permanent, but not all of them are.

All Hair Loss is Genetic: Myth

A lot of people believe that certain conditions like male pattern baldness or conditional hair loss are passed down through the generations. Some people even think that hair loss is passed down through their mother! While some conditions can be blamed on genetics, there isn’t necessarily a link strong enough to prove that either of your parents can pass on hair loss to you. At least, not one anymore so than the other!

Testosterone Leads to More Hair Loss: Myth

Have you ever read that men are more affected by hair loss issues than women are? This isn’t entirely true, but since people think it is, there is an uneducated link between testosterone and pattern baldness. Many tests have shown that men dealing with hair loss don’t have any more (or less) testosterone than those who have lots of hair. What does matter, however, is how sensitive your hair follicles are to changing testosterone levels throughout your life.

Certain Hairstyles Contribute to Hair Loss: Truth

There are plenty of hairstyles you can enjoy every day that don’t do your hair any harm. However, some styles can cause damage to your follicles and ultimately contribute to a pattern of loss. Any style that stretches your hair a lot – such as pulling your hair back into a ponytail, bun, or tight braids – can really wear out your follicles. This will loosen the connection between your hair and your scalp, making it more likely to fall out over time.

Hair Replacement Surgery Regrows Hair: Truth

There is a sure-fire solution to help any patient grow back hair no matter where it’s falling out. Or how much of it is being lost each day. Whether due to a lifetime of bad hairstyles or a predisposed condition, you are probably getting frustrated as you deal with the effects of hair loss. FUE replacement surgery is a life-altering procedure. It takes healthy follicles from one part of your body and transplants them onto your damaged scalp. All you have to do is wait a few months for the magic of regrowth to happen once again.

Invest in the Best Hair Loss Treatment Today!

It’s important to address the needs of your hair loss symptoms as soon as you notice them. The longer you go without speaking to your hair loss doctor, the more serious and permanent the effects of hair loss can become. Debunk the common myths surrounding this condition when you schedule professional hair loss treatment in Denver today.

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