Hair Transplant Costs

In Denver, Colorado hair transplant costs vary depending on several factors. The main factor affecting hair transplant costs is the degree of hair loss the individual is experiencing at the time. Basically, the more hair loss the more it can cost to perform the hair transplant. Other factors including the quality of an individual’s hair – wavy, straight, thick, thin, dark, or light can all impact the number of grafts necessary to cover the thinning area.

Hair transplants are usually charged per graft with a hair graft containing typically 1-3 hair each. The costs typically range from $5000 to $15,000 for a single hair transplant session. Additional sessions may be necessary if the patient wants more density or if they lose more hair in the future.

To make the procedure affordable for as many people as possible our practice accepts all major credit cards and we offer patient financing for qualified patients.

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