Top 8 Hair Loss Consultation Questions

Top 8 Hair Loss Consultation Questions

As you prepare for your first hair transplant in Denver, you likely have a lot of questions about the entire process. What types of hair loss are you experiencing? Who is a good candidate for hair transplant surgery? Does the procedure offer permanent results? It’s important that you feel reassured about every step of the process before your scheduled appointment. Here we have our top 8 hair loss consultation questions.

Top 8 Hair Loss Consultation Questions

Below, your Denver Hair Surgery experts will answer the top 8 hair loss consultation questions that patients often ask. This is a major procedure that can offer lifelong results, so it’s important that your head is in the right place when making this decision.

What are my hair restoration options at Denver Hair Surgery?

Depending on the type of hair loss you are experiencing, your doctor might recommend different solutions for you to try out. If you are losing huge volumes of hair on a regular basis, you may need more than just a transplant. Alternatively, those with short and natural hair loss cycles may not need to go under the knife.

How long do hair transplant results last?

At Denver Hair Surgery, our aim is to provide permanent and long-lasting results to help your head grow hair back the natural way. Hair transplant surgeries are designed to support a lifetime of hair regrowth. We work to treat affected areas of hair loss as quickly as possible.

Can I regrow hair on my own?

There are several ways to regrow your hair naturally. You may have the opportunity to invest in diet and lifestyle changes to facilitate regrowth on your own. Pattern baldness may not be affected by these new changes, but other forms of hair loss might. Consult with your hair loss specialist to learn more.

What kind of experience does my surgeon have?

Never choose a surgeon who you haven’t thoroughly researched. Make sure to ask your trusted professionals if they are trained and certified. They should also have experience with the exact hair transplant procedure you are looking to get. If you can’t trust your surgeon, you should not go through with the surgery.

What’s causing my hair loss in the first place?

You might be experiencing hair loss for a number of reasons. But it’s important to find out what that is so our doctors can prescribe the proper course of action. For example, those with pattern baldness will have a different treatment process than those who are losing hair due to an underlying medical condition.

What is the recovery process like?

Hair transplants are major surgeries, like any other kind of incision-based procedure. Due to the meticulous nature of this treatment, you can expect a recovery period of 2-3 weeks. You should be able to return to work in just a few days following the procedure, but you may still deal with hair shedding and hair loss for a few weeks as the new changes start to take hold.

Is my hair loss condition a short or long-term problem?

Depending on the cause of your hair loss, you may be looking at a curable and treatable condition – or you might be dealing with a hereditary issue that will stick with you for life. Hair transplants are designed to serve both short and long-term hair loss issues, but each treatment plan is unique. It’s best to speak with your doctor directly about the plan that works best for you.

After hair transplant surgery, how long will it take to start growing hair again?

Do not be alarmed if hairs in the treated area begin to fall out. That is a natural part of the early stages of hair growth. After 6 – 9 months following your surgery, you will start to see a healthy amount of hair growth. Over time, your scalp will support strong follicles that bring new life back to your old bald spots.

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Whether you know what is causing your hair loss or you are unsure of why you are beginning to go bald, we’ve got you covered. Call us today to book your personal consultation where you’ll learn more about the best hair loss treatment in Denver that works for you.

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