Swimming After Hair Transplants

Swimming After Hair Transplants

Hair transplant surgery is an advanced treatment method for pattern baldness that can help you restore a full head of hair to your scalp. You deserve to feel good about your appearance and dealing with the frustration of hair loss can put a damper on your self-confidence. FUE hair transplant treatments can help you feel like your youthful self again. But can you go swimming after hair transplants.

Swimming After Hair Transplants

After getting a hair transplant in Colorado, it’s important to learn the best post-procedure care tips. Many patients wonder how long they have to wait until they can swim or spend time outdoors after the procedure. Here’s what you need to know about swimming after hair transplants and the healing process.

Ocean Swimming

Depending on the type of FUE procedure you have done, you may have to deal with some leftover scars. As the incisions heal, the skin surrounding this area will be particularly sensitive and vulnerable while it heals. It is not a good idea to expose the scarred areas to water until healing is totally complete. While the healing process is different for everyone, you should expect an average of a few weeks to a month to heal before you can dip your head in the water.

The ocean contains many pollutants and irritants that could make matters worse. While the salt of the water is healing, it can disrupt the natural process of your hair graft, causing bacteria and pollutants to enter your skin.

Pool Swimming

Chlorine is just one of the many chemical contaminants that can be found in pool water. If you expose your head to a swimming pool while it is still healing, you may be putting yourself at risk for surgical infection. It is recommended that you do not enter the pool until you are healed.

Your surgeon will likely inform you to keep the surgical areas dry and free of contaminants until it is fully healed. You may have to wait up to 4 months to go swimming in a pool, depending on the nature of your transplant procedure.

Swimming Precautions to Take

If you really want to know when you can swim after a hair transplant, follow the following tips and precautions to help you get in the water sooner. When in doubt, reach out to your surgeon and surgical staff to find out what you should do.

In the meantime, use the following swimming safety practices:

  • Wear a swim cap if you have to go into the water – make sure the surgical incisions on your scalp are dry
  • Stay away from chlorine as it can damage the hair grafts
  • Wait between 1 and 4 months to swim after your surgery

Additionally, you should avoid washing your hair for at least 48 hours after your hair transplant surgery. If possible, try not to get your hair or hed wet when you first shower in the days and weeks following your procedure. It is important that your hair transplants remain dry and untouched for as long as they can to ensure the best chances of healing.

Regrow a Full Head of Hair with Advanced FUE Treatments Today!

At Denver Hair Surgery, we can help you transform your look and your future by giving you a new head of hair the natural way. Instead of wearing hairpieces or investing in expensive plugs, you can use your body’s own follicles to encourage new growth on your scalp.

Our experts offer the most advanced procedures in the world of FUE hair transplants that can give you full growth in just a year. Contact our experts today to learn more about hair transplants and whether or not you are a good candidate for this innovative procedure.

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