Springtime Haircare Tips

Springtime Haircare Tips

Did you know that your hair can be affected by the changing climates of the seasons? When winter melts into spring, it is important to pay attention to the different ways that temperature and climate can pose health risks to your hair. This is also the time of year where your hair rejuvenates on its own, so it’s important to prepare your follicles for shedding and regrowth. Here are our top springtime haircare tips.

Springtime Haircare Tips

Humidity, hot air, and warm water are all things that can actually damage your hair over time, causing the winter to place a burden on top of your scalp. But when the warmer season rolls around, you’ll want to heal from that damage and grow a new head of healthy hair. Our hair doctor in Denver has the newest springtime haircare tips for damaged or thinning hair.

Use Protective Products

In order to prevent further damage to your mane, you’ll want to condition your hair with products that can protect it against harsh chemicals. This is especially important if you plan on going for a swim or enjoying the springtime weather outdoors. Certain conditioners can help protect your hair against chlorine, which can damage your follicles over time.

Don’t Do Shampoo Too Often

Using shampoo every day can actually cause damage over time, especially in the spring. Your hair relies on its natural oils to keep it healthy and protected against damage from sunlight and heat. Shampoo can wash away dirt, but it also strips off these natural oils and makes your hair more sensitive to damage. Make sure to brush your hair every day and only wash it every so often.

Don’t Use Hair Dryers

Hairdryers are one of the most harmful products for your hair as frequent use contributes to breakage. If your mane is getting brittle and broken at the ends, you might want to take a break from machines for a while and consider air-drying your hair after you wash it. Take advantage of the warm spring weather and let nature do the drying!

Comb Before You Shower

Nobody likes to deal with tangled hair. It might seem like a chore to detangle and brush out your hair before stepping into the shower, but doing this can prevent a ton of breakage. If you shower with tangled hair, it can make more of your strands fall out while you bathe. Not to mention, hot water hurts your hair and makes colors fade more quickly. Give your hair a gentle brush before showering and once again afterward.

Get Help with Hair Loss

If your hair is falling out at an alarming rate or you are dealing with untreatable hair damage, it might be time to get in touch with a hair loss specialist. There are ways that you can grow back a full mane of hair and maintain a healthy scalp without having any leftover scars. Find your local place for hair transplants and speak with a hair doctor about a hair loss diagnosis and treatment options.
Keep Your Hair Healthy All Year Long!

The springtime is the season where hair loss issues become the most visible. After months of lying dormant, your hair is ready to shed and regrow itself during this time of rejuvenation. If you are worried about the health of your hair and you want to find better habits to maintain a luscious mane, you can get in touch with our doctors at Denver Hair Surgery today. Whether you are struggling with male pattern baldness or hair loss due to outside damage, you have treatment options that can help you grow your hair back in no time. Give us a call today!

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