Should You Talk to Your Partner About Hair Loss?

Should You Talk to Your Partner About Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a natural part of aging, but it can sure be rough to deal with when it finally starts happening. If you or your partner are starting to experience patchiness and balding in certain parts of the scalp, you might be nervous to bring it up as your partner may feel like they are losing a part of their own identity. It is important to consider the emotional and psychological side effects of the condition should you talk to your partner about hair loss.

Should You Talk to Your Partner About Hair Loss?

Here are some steps that can help you ease into that difficult conversation with your partner about hair loss. You may even convince them to consider a hair transplant in Denver so they can reverse the effects of pattern baldness as quickly as possible. Keep reading to learn more!

Let Your Partner Lead

If your partner is the one experiencing hair loss, you can still bring up the topic when you approach him, but let him take the lead in the conversation. It’s important that your partner understands that you are there to support them and not to be rude about their hair loss. You can also wait until your partner feels comfortable enough to bring up the topic on his own, rather than trying to force him into a conversation he’s not ready for.

Shower Your Partner with Reassurance

Whether or not hair loss is something your partner is feeling particularly sensitive about, it’s good to let them know that they have your support no matter what. All that matters is that your partner is happy and that you two can talk to each other about anything. Maybe you can encourage him to seek out a medical diagnosis that could bring more clarity to the issue at hand, as well as provide some concrete solutions for how to stop the spread of hair loss on the scalp.

Share Your Insights

You can make your partner feel better by sharing some of what you know about hair loss and how to treat it. Together, the two of you can learn more about the biggest causes of hair loss while looking for appropriate treatments. Encourage them to make the first step by getting in touch with your local hair loss specialist so they can start understanding their condition a little bit more. Typically, more understanding leads to less anxiety as people realize a viable treatment option available for everyone regardless of their situation.

Get Permanent Hair Loss Restoration

When you and your partner are ready to take the next step, you will be pleased to learn about the advantages of hair transplant surgery. Using the body’s own natural follicles, the doctor will take them from other parts of your body and transplant them onto your head in order to encourage new growth. This simple replacement of dead follicles with living ones from your own body prevents any kind of rejection or negative side effects that could occur.

Other treatments are available for those who are not keen on surgery; using non-surgical hair loss treatment, you can apply a prescribed ointment or take medication daily to slowly encourage new growth on your head. Your options are endless, but there is a specific treatment that will work best for you.

Find the Best Treatment Today

At Denver Hair Surgery, we offer the most innovative and advanced treatments that can restore hair on the scalp no matter how far the hair loss has gone. Whether you or your partner need some help talking about the possibilities of hair loss, just know that you have a professional support system around you to help you make that next step towards treatment. Learn more about the benefits of hair replacement treatments when you contact us today!

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