Products that Damage Hair

Products that Damage Hair

No daily routine is complete without a styled head of hair. Whether you use one or many products to help you fix your hair exactly right, it’s important to know what’s in the chemicals you are putting on your head. While some hair products can rejuvenate your hair and restore health to your scalp, others can actually damage your hair. Take a look at this list created by our hair transplants specialists, so you don’t have to deal with a permanent bad hair day.

Products that Damage Hair

Avoid these products that damage hair to keep your locks healthy.

Cheap Hair Products

There is nothing wrong with grabbing an affordable product for a great price. The cheap hair products that are bad for you are not cheap because of their price tag, but rather because of the ingredients that are put into it. Cheap shampoos and conditioners often contain chemicals that can strip natural or dyed color from your hair, while preventing it from being properly lathered. Make sure to look for hair products that are guaranteed to moisturize and revitalize your hair.

Products with Parabens

Never purchase a hair product with parabens in it. These are harmful chemicals that can prove toxic to the human body. It is easy for chemicals to be absorbed through the skin when applied to your hair, so it is better to avoid these ingredients altogether. Fortunately, most shampoos no longer contain parabens, but it’s always a good idea to double-check.

Hair Products with Silicone

The past few decades have produced a lot of hair products that contain silicone. Traditionally, this ingredient is used to creating sleek and shiny hair. However, studies have shown that silicone is bad for your hair because it dries out your follicles and creates a layer over your scalp, preventing it from absorbing essential nutrients.

Silicone isn’t toxic and won’t poison your body, but it will keep other good nutrients out. If you can, try replacing your silicone-based hair products so you can give your hair all of the health and support it deserves.

Plastic Hairbrushes

It isn’t just the chemical products that you need to be on the lookout for. As it turns out, plastic hairbrushes can also be harmful to your hair. Plastic is too hard of a substance on your hair, and can often tear or break your hair off as it is being brushed. Styling with a hairbrush already puts your hairs at risk of snapping. But a plastic brush is proven to just be too harsh on your hair. Try brushes with non-plastic bristles instead.

Anything with “Fragrance”

Now might be a good time to go through your hair products and read the labels carefully. Anything that says it contains “fragrance” should be thrown out immediately. This is because fragrance is not a real ingredient but a placeholder label containing as many as 4,000 harmful chemicals. Different ingredients have been found in fragrance that can cause respiratory issues or complications in the nervous system.

Get the Best Treatment for Your Hair Today!

At Denver Hair Surgery, we offer treatments and solutions that can reverse any damage done by the products you use. It can be difficult to figure out what hair products are safe to use and which aren’t. But being aware of toxic ingredients can help save you an emergency trip to the hair salon – or the doctor’s office!

Get in touch with our office and schedule an appointment with the best hair doctor Denver has to offer. Damage on your scalp can cause your follicles to stop growing hair, creating bald patches on your head. If you are worried about thinning or lost hair, get in touch with our hair surgery experts to learn how one of our treatments can restore your hair back to good health.

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