Is Sunlight Good for Your Hair?

Is Sunlight Good for Your Hair?

How many times have you heard someone say, “you should get out and get some sun” or “I need to soak up the sun for a few minutes?” The reason people say this all the time is because sunlight is incredibly good for you. In fact, it is the biggest source of Vitamin D in the world – an ingredient you need to keep your hair, skin, and face healthy.

There is no doubt that too much sun can damage your hair and body. But how much is too much? Is it important that your hair touches the sunlight at all, or is it better to keep it under shadow?

Our hair transplant Denver specialists at Denver Hair Surgery know that it’s good for your hair to get some sunlight every once in a while. It can encourage growth and keep it healthy in so many different ways. Find out more about your hair and the sun below!

Is Sunlight Good for Your Hair?

Below we take a look at the different effects the sun can have on your hair.

Sunlight Can Brighten Your Hair

If you don’t want to put harmful and abrasive bleaching products in your hair, there’s a better way to give yourself the highlights you want. Go out into the sun! If you really want to lighten your hair naturally, try putting some apple cider vinegar or honey on your hair before you go out. It sounds strange, but it works!

Exposure to the Sun Promotes New Growth

Many of our patients find that their biggest struggle with hair loss is not necessarily that the hair is gone, it’s that it can be very difficult or impossible to grow back. There are many treatments available to help re-stimulate hair growth so you can start enjoying a full head of hair as soon as possible.

But no amount of treatments or procedures will do good if your hair does not get a good dose of Vitamin D. This important vitamin is something that our bodies need every day in order to process calcium and cholesterol in your body. Vitamin D from the sun can help regrow hair follicles.

Is Sunlight Good for Your Hair: The Sun Will Prevent Hair Loss

Not only can the powerful sunlight help to stimulate and regrow hair follicles, but a little bit of sun exposure each day can actually prevent your hair from falling out. It’s all about getting a good dose of natural Vitamin D.

Did you know that you can help protect your hair against loss even when the sun isn’t shining? If it’s a rainy day, you can always eat an extra dose of cheese, fish, or egg yolks to give you a good amount of those healthy everyday nutrients.

Sunlight Can Get Rid of Fungal Infections

There’s another great benefit of getting your Vitamin D straight from the sun. UV rays can actually treat fungal and acne infections on your scalp. This is because UV rays slow skin cell growth, making it harder for the fungs or acne to spread. Just be careful that you aren’t getting too many UV rays, as they can be harmful if you are exposed to them for too long. Sunlight is healthy, but too much can be a bad thing!

Get Treated for Hair Loss Today

Whether your hair is just starting to thin, or you have dealt with balding patches on your scalp for quite some time, there are treatment options available to you. At Denver Hair Surgery, we have procedures that can address male and female hair loss on any level. We offer several prevention methods as well as progressive surgical techniques that can help you regrow a full head of hair – the healthy and natural way.

Contact our friendly experts today and learn about your possibilities for healthy hair regrowth!

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