Is Hair Restoration Permanent?

Is Hair Restoration Permanent?

Hair transplants have indeed come a long way over the past few decades. No longer do balding people have to deal with hair plugs and big patches of missing hair; today, you can get a full head of hair without having to worry about looking unnatural. But is hair restoration permanent?

Once you invest in an FUE hair transplant in Denver, a NeoGraft procedure, or any of our non-surgical hair restoration treatments, you will start feeling your confidence come right back. Hair will grow on your head again, and you will even be able to cut your hair after it grows. But many of our patients want to know, is hair restoration permanent?

Once you receive a hair transplant, you can expect to enjoy very long-lasting results, to the point where most professionals consider a hair transplant to be a permanent procedure. You will be able to have a full head of growing hair for almost all the rest of your years after one simple procedure.

What Makes a Hair Restoration Permanent?

The nature of hair transplants actually fuses new hair with your hair follicles. This helps to stimulate the parts of your scalp where your hair may be thinning. Your new hair will start to grow right away, but due to the healing process, you may not notice it immediately.

Since most hair transplant procedures involve physically moving the hair follicles, it has a permanent effect. There is no way to move the hair follicles back to the way they once were; instead, they will now continue to encourage new growth.

As you age, these follicles may produce less and less hair, but that is just a sign of nature running its course. For the most part, your hair transplant procedure will have lasting, permanent results!

Why Do Some People Get a Second Procedure?

Some patients are candidates for multiple hair transplant procedures. But, if the results are permanent, why would you need more than one?

It’s possible that your hair transplant needs will require multiple sessions. This is the case when the patient and doctor discover more thinning patches of hair on the head, and a second session may be necessary to cover all of the affected areas.

The type of hair transplant you get can also have an effect on its permanency. For the most part, our patients happily expect to keep growing a full head of hair for a very long time.

Other Long-Term Expectations

It is important that patients feel comfortable and happy with their hair restoration treatment. Hair transplant surgery is meant to treat areas of thinning or balding hair, replacing or adjusting those areas with healthy follicles to stimulate new hair growth.

Over the course of your life, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your hair surgery. You may experience some thinning in your elder years due to age, but that can be expected with or without the help of a hair transplant.

Your hair will never return to that pattern of baldness like it was before your procedure. You won’t have to deal with thinning patches or visible plugs. This is a great way to restore your natural head of hair!

Grow Your Hair Back Today!

At Denver Hair Surgery, we offer many different solutions for hair restoration in Denver. Whether you have patchy bald spots or thinning hair overall, our hair transplants and non-surgical procedures can help restore a beautiful head of hair. You deserve to feel and look your best, and our easy and efficient services can help you feel great about yourself again.

A hair transplant is nearly permanent, so you can enjoy growing new hair on your head for the rest of your life. To learn more about our useful hair restoration services, get in touch with one of our staff members today!

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