How Often Should You Be Brushing Your Hair?

How Often Should You Be Brushing Your Hair?

Each person has his or her own hair maintenance routine, but is the way you brush your hair keeping it healthy? Adopting the proper routine is important for the hairs longevity. Utilizing these tips will help keep your hair looking great for years to come. If your hair is not as voluminous as you’d like, Denver Hair Surgery can help you with restoration and transplants.

How Often Should you Brush Your Hair?

In the most basic of concepts, it is recommended to brush your hair twice a day. Just like brushing your teeth, brushing your hair once in the morning and once in the evening will keep it healthy. This suggestion is not right for every hair type though. The majority of hair types will benefit from being brushed twice a day. In some cases, like those with very curly hair, brushing twice a day is not necessary. In other cases, like those with extra long hair, you may need to brush it a bit more. However, unless you have a very unique hair type, twice a day is a good place to start.


When we were kids, we were conditioned to think that brushing our hair was only to keep it from getting too tangled. In fact, we all probably have horror stories of our parents brushing out knots. However, there is a second, just as important reason for consistent brushing: for the hairs overall health. If you don’t brush your hair enough, it won’t have that beautiful shine we all desire.

Our scalp naturally produces oils, and brushing will help distribute those oils to the hair. It’s like your body has a built-in conditioner. Two minor benefits from brushing your hair properly are the removal of loose hairs and stimulation that promotes hair growth. With all these benefits, you may be tempted to go brush your hair 100 times today. However, be aware that you can brush your hair too much. Brushing more than twice a day can harm it, except for very specific cases.


There is a proper way to brush hair for every style and length. The first thing to consider is if you are using the correct brush. Each brush has a very specific purpose that should not be used for anything else. If you are trying to detangle, use a gentle brush like a boar bristle brush. If you are trying to style, use a round brush. Never use a round or metal brush on hair that is already dry.

If you are working out tangles, don’t brush from your roots to the ends. This is an easy way to damage your hair. Instead, start at the bottom of your hair and detangle that section first. Once you have brushed out the bottom, you can move up the hair section by section until you reach the roots.

For curly and wavy hair, there is a specific set of rules you should follow. The biggest thing to remember is to never brush your hair once it’s dry. In fact, you only really need to use your fingers as a brush when your hair is wet. This helps stimulate the hair but doesn’t do any harsh damage like a comb might. Using a paddle brush to detangle every few days is as much as you need to do.

Now that you know how often you need to brush your hair, you can start making the right decision to keep your healthy longer. One thing many people may forget is that you should regularly clean your brushes and combs.  Every two weeks, soak your brush in a mixture of water and shampoo for a few minutes. This will mitigate any of that debris from getting back into your hair. And if you have any questions regarding hair restoration, be sure to contact Denver Hair Surgery.

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