How Long-Term Are FUE Results?

How Long-Term Are FUE Results?

FUE hair transplant surgery – also known as Follicular Unit Extraction – is sweeping the nation as one of the most efficient and lasting ways to grow hair back the natural way. Using your body’s own follicles, we can harvest healthy hair and transplant it to places on your head that are suffering from loss. Over time, you will start to have a full and healthy head of hair again. So, how long-term are FUE results?

How Long-Term Are FUE Results?

But just how long-term are FUE results? What are some of the biggest benefits of getting a hair transplant? Our expert team can help you answer all of these questions and more. Learn why more and more people are seeking long-term treatments for hair transplant in Denver with growing rates of success.

FUE is Designed for Permanent Success

While the results of your FUE surgery depend largely on the surgeon you choose, the type of treatment you receive, and the condition of your hair, the surgery itself is designed to have permanent results. Hair transplants are the ultimate solution to permanent, naturally-grown hair in any and all areas currently dealing with loss.

The revolutionary FUE process transplants healthy follicles to the affected treatment area, encouraging your hair to grow naturally again. While it may take several months for your hair to start growing, this does not mean you are doomed to have thinning hair forever. FUE surgery can and will give you permanent results!

What to Expect From Your FUE Procedure

The average FUE surgery helps stimulate your body’s own regrowth process by transplanting follicles to a different part of your head. It can take a few weeks for your body to jump into action, but your patience will be well worth the wait. Within a few years, you could have healthy and long hair again.

The Natural Cycle of Hair Loss

Your body still goes through natural hair loss cycles no matter how much or how little hair you currently have on your head. While FUE surgery will encourage new growth, you may still shed some hair before the permanence sets in. The natural cycle of hair loss on top of the healing process from your FUE surgery means that you may continue to see loss – or you may not see any growth – for up to 12 months.

When Hair Growth Becomes Permanent

After the initial healing period of 6-12 months, you can start to see some real results. Within the next two years following your FUE surgery, your head will look like new. A healthy set of hair will be growing in, you will be able to cover up your bald spots, and you may even be shopping for quality hair products again. Though hair growth cycles can take a long time, the results are real – and they are here to stay.

Keep Up with Healthy Hair Practices

You can continue to do the work to promote healthy hair growth long after your FUE procedure. It’s important to continue maintaining your hair in order to prevent the symptoms of a receding hairline from returning once more. There’s no need to use harsh chemicals or styling products that could end up damaging your tender follicles. You can consult with our hair surgery team at any time to find out what else you can do to ensure your FUE results last a lifetime.

Renew Your Scalp with Natural Hair Growth Options

At Denver Hair Surgery, we want you to feel healthy inside and out. Our advanced techniques for FUE hair restoration in Denver make it possible for your hair regrowth treatment to last you a lifetime. Get in touch with our team to schedule a personal consultation with our hair restoration experts. We will create a tailor-made plan that will set you up for a future of health and confidence. Contact us today to learn more

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