Can You Have a Transplant With Someone Else’s Hair?

Can You Have a Transplant With Someone Else’s Hair?

FUE transplants make it possible for you to regrow the hair on your head using healthy hair follicles from your own body. But can you have a transplant with someone else’s hair?

Can You Have a Transplant With Someone Else’s Hair?

Due to the very nature of the hair transplant and follicle relocation process, it can be difficult for a successful surgery to work using another person’s hair. But don’t worry, there are many innovative ways that folks can get a hair transplant in Denver all on their own. Keep reading to learn more about the revolutionary FUE process. And how you can become a successful candidate for hair relocation surgery today!

The FUE Process, Explained

Follicular Unit Extraction – also called FUE – is a highly successful surgery. It helps patients restore hair that has been lost on top of their scalp due to pattern baldness or additional illnesses.

During the procedure, a certified hair transplant surgeon will harvest healthy follicles from another part of the scalp. They then transplant them to the bald spots on the patient’s head. The body’s own blood vessels will start to nourish these follicles until they are healthy enough to grow new hair. After several months, new hair will grow over areas of the head that were previously affected by balding.

Who is a Good Candidate for This Procedure?

Anybody with enough healthy hair on their scalp can qualify for an FUE hair transplant surgery. As long as there is enough hair that still exists on the head, the follicles can be extracted and redistributed to promote new growth. Those who are completely bald or who have little hair left on their heads may not be able to qualify for this type of hair recovery procedure.

It is not recommended to use body hair for a scalp FUE procedure. This is because body hair grows at a different rate, length, texture, and consistency than the hair on your scalp. It can be done in extreme situations, but it is usually not a viable replacement for healthy scalp follicles.

Can You Have a Transplant Using Someone Else’s Hair?

It is not currently possible to extract follicles from one scalp and transplant them onto another. Hair donors may seem like a probable thing, but the reality is far more complicated than that. There is too high a risk of the possibility that your hair will immediately reject the foreign follicles. This could cause an adverse reaction. This is also much more likely to lead to infection. An infection caused by hair follicles can be hard to stop before it spreads really far. Not to mention, all of the newly grown hair will probably fall out!

How to Get Natural Results On Your Own

The best way to guarantee natural and successful results from an FUE surgery is to make sure that there is enough of your own scalp hair to be used. The healthy follicles must come from your head, and there should be enough of them to go around. Otherwise, the surgery may not be a success. What is most important to our professionals at Denver Hair Surgery is that you experience a successful and satisfying treatment.

Schedule a Consultation for FUE Transplant Surgery Today!

While you can’t rely on the help of a friend for this kind of procedure, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get approved for FUE hair transplant treatment in Denver all on your own. Get in touch with our experts today to learn more about this revolutionary process. Within several months, you can regrow a full head of hair using your body’s natural follicles. Avoid further hair loss and reduce your chances of infection when you get in touch with us for a personal consultation today!

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