Can COVID Cause Hair Loss?

Can COVID Cause Hair Loss?

Continuing research on COVID-19 has revealed new and unexpected symptoms in those who are afflicted. One such symptom that people are noticing is hair loss. Whether falling out in large clumps or small pieces over time, abnormal hair loss is something you are bound to notice right away. The fact that people have been losing their hair lately has caused the nation to ask the question: Can COVID cause hair loss?

Can COVID Cause Hair Loss?

There are certain symptoms of COVID-19 that have lasting effects. Most sudden hair loss is a result of a bad fever or cold, and might not necessarily be connected with the Coronavirus itself. Let’s take a look at how a positive COVID test could result in you going bald much too soon. Here is what your hair doctor in Denver wants you to know.

Hair Loss and Sickness

There is not yet a confirmed connection between COVID-19 and symptoms of hair loss. That being said, it is common for your hair to fall out or grow thin after dealing with a severe illness.

A high fever puts too much stress and strain on the body. As it fights a nonstop battle, your body is trying to keep you in good health while mustering what little strength it has left. During this time of sickness, it is possible that your hair might fall out. It isn’t really falling out, though – it is simply shedding.

Shedding After Sickness

Hair loss is a common symptom in those who are recovering from a severe illness. Depending on the severity of your COVID-19 symptoms, your body may shed hair after you recover from the illness. This is actually shedding, and not loss; it will grow back in time.

The scientific name for this type of hair shedding is known as telogen effluvium. It is a common occurrence after a stressful event, especially one that has made you physically ill. Why you may have some cause for concern, rest assured that hair that sheds after COVID will grow back shortly after.

People may also shed hair due to pregnancy, medication, or recovery from an operation. If the hair shading persists for more than 6-9 months, you should visit your hair specialist for treatment.

Treating Hair After COVID-19

If you have dealt with hair shedding over the past several months, you are probably getting tired of losing clumps of hair in your hairbrush every morning. As your body slowly heals from the negative effects of COVID-19, your hair needs time to grow back on a regular cycle.

If it does not grow back on its own, you should consider further medical treatments for hair restoration and recovery.

Hair Restoration in Denver

Hair replacement in Denver is a popular procedure that can help you regrow hair in the spots that have lost it the most. Instead of dealing with rough bald spots and thin patches around your scalp, you can invest in hair transplant therapy to gain a full head of hair in no time.

In addition to NeoGraft hair transplantation, our team also offers mediation and long-term lifestyle treatments. We designed these to help you keep your hair healthy and growing. It is important to follow up with your hair doctor regularly to see if other treatments are working. If not, an FUE (follicular unit extraction) procedure may be your best option for treating hair loss.

Grow Your Hair Back on the Road to Recovery!

The symptoms of COVID-19 reach far and wide, and more side effects are being discovered every day. Some people struggle with hair loss due to the stress and weakness of fighting a physical illness. This hair will usually come back on its own. Still, you can invest in additional treatments to ensure that you can regrow all of your hair.

Reach out to our specialists today and learn more about the best treatment for hair loss to prevent permanent balding. Get your hair back today!

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