Am I Too Old for Hair Transplants?

Am I Too Old for Hair Transplants?

Hair transplants are the talk of the town here at Denver Hair Surgery, and we like to make sure that all of our patients are getting the best of care. We want you to have the best experience when looking for ways to regrow the hair on your head. How some people worry they are too old for hair transplants.

Some of our more elderly patients are worried that a hair transplant procedure would not yield as good results as they would in someone younger. But our hair transplant specialists are here to help get rid of any worries or fears. It is common for senior patients to have excellent results when investing in hair transplantation.

Why and When an Older Patient Seeks Hair Transplants

Let’s talk about why someone would want a hair transplant procedure in the first place. Someone who is over 50 years of age may want a hair transplant procedure to combat some of the signs of aging, which of course include hair loss. Others may want the procedure due to rapid patterns of balding.

It’s important that older patients are realistic in their expectations. Hair transplants will always be successful to a degree, but the best way to achieve success is to focus on restoring the front hairline. Scalp hair can also be replaced depending on your needs.

It’s also essential to find the best time to get a hair transplant. In older individuals, especially men, hair loss starts between ages 40 and 50. This might start the process of progressive hair loss; in this case, patients will start having a conversation with their hair doctor about scalp hair replacement options.

Risks and Limits to Hair Transplants in Older Patients

The American Academy of Dermatology assures that anybody with the ability to grow hair and with an ample amount of hair on the scalp is fit for a successful hair transplant. Anyone in good health who is losing their hair naturally will be a good candidate for a hair transplant procedure.

The only time there may be limits or risks to this procedure is when a patient aged 55 or older deals with a chronic illness or other serious condition. This will have to be disclosed with your hair transplant specialist before any procedure can begin.

Hair transplantation comes with the general risks that accompany any surgical procedure. Aside from the risks that come from a pre-existing condition. However, there is little to no danger in this procedure for senior-aged adults.

How to Set Realistic Goals

Again, it is important that our Denver Hair Surgery specialists discuss with you the possibility of what you can achieve with hair transplantation. Older patients, especially older men experiencing hair loss, should expect to have some hair regrowth. However, the surgery does not work like magic. Hair loss is a natural, regressive trait, and it can be impossible to reverse years of hair loss in action.

However, we can help you regain a head of hair that will bring you back to fullness. You will certainly end up being much happier about the way you look!

Get Your Hair Transplant Surgery Today!

You can have a healthy head of hair no matter what age you are. At Denver Hair Surgery, our hair transplant options guarantee to help you regrow that receding hairline and encourage your scalp to grow new hair all over again. While there are always complications with getting a procedure done at an older age, this is a generally safe process that can yield really successful results. Ask about our hair restoration with Neograft.

If you are interested in regrowing your hair and encouraging your scalp to stay healthy and vibrant, get in touch with us now! Our board-certified specialists would be happy to consult with you and your family about your options. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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