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Concept image of hair getting thinner with age

Why Does Hair Get Thinner with Age?

Any age can cause hair loss. You might be curious to know what hairstyles you can expect for the next chapter of your life if you have more severe hair loss than normal. The next question is: Why does hair … Details

Man who has conquered seasonal hair loss

Is Seasonal Hair Loss Real?

Everyone loses more hair in the winter. If you’re tired of constant shedding, you might be wondering if you are losing more hair than the average person. Many of our Denver patients are frustrated at the new hairs they find … Details

Man wondering about hair loss myths.

Top Hair Loss Myths & Truths

Did you recently lose some of your hair after taking a shower? You may be worried that you are dealing with the effects of hair loss. What if you are experiencing the signs of aging? What if you have an … Details

Man whose hair now will start thinning illustration.

What Age Does Hair Start Thinning?

Hair can fall out at any age for any reason. If you are dealing with more significant hair loss than usual, you are naturally curious about what hair habits to expect in your next chapter of life. This leads to … Details

Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

Having dry and flaky skin on your scalp can be an annoying problem, especially when dead skin gets constantly caught in your hair. But beyond being an annoying condition requiring special shampoo, can dandruff actually be harmful? Does dandruff cause … Details

Is Female Hair Loss Hereditary?

Female hair loss, also known as female patterned baldness or androgenetic alopecia, is a condition that affects women as they age. Although it can be a difficult adjustment, it is a completely normal part of aging. In fact, up to … Details

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