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Is hair restoration permanent?

Is Hair Restoration Permanent?

Hair transplants have indeed come a long way over the past few decades. No longer do balding people have to deal with hair plugs and big patches of missing hair; today, you can get a full head of hair without … Details

NeoGraft patient FUE Case Study 1900 Grafts

Patient NeoGraft FUE Case Study 1900 Grafts

This patient is a 60-year-old male with Class 5 hair loss. He had never considered hair restoration or hair regrowth therapy until NeoGraft. During the consultation, he discussed creating a natural result for his age that would not be conspicuous.  … Details

HairMedica – Scientifically proven hair re-growth system.

Substantial improvement in hair quantity and quality. Better hair anchoring. No further hair loss. Extensive new hair growth. The Results – Thicker, Healthier and Stronger Hair. Nourishes hair roots and stops hair follicle degeneration. Inhibits the activity of the 5 … Details

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